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Gold nugget and opal mined from within the earth of outback Australia, the treasured, raw opal is carefully cut, polished, shaped and sent to the pearl farm on the shores of Monkey Mia in Western Australia. The Morgan family at Blue Lagoon Pearls then implant the solid opal into a home- bred pearl oystershell. Over the next fourteen months the pearl continues to grow, gradually engulfing the opal or nugget to produce a naturally unique gem. “The Gemini Pearl”
The precious shells are brought from the ocean floor and individually checked and, when ready, the shell is harvested and returned to the skilled opal cutters to re-polish and reveal the beauty of these unique gems.

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Discovered at Blue Lagoon Pearls, The Water Cleanser keeps tanks & pools clear. [More]

Mined from deep within the heart of Outback Australia, the Opal is cut, polished & sent to Monkey Mia in Western Australia. [website]

Come and visit Jamie at the Pearl Farm in Monkey Mia. Day Tours available

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